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The "Kids and Computers"
Web Site
Table of Contents

Table of Contents
  This is the main topic of the Web site. Explore how a Dad and his daughter learn this intriguing program.
  Welcome and Introduction
The introduction to the site, who we are, why we are doing this page.
  Overview of Microworlds Project Builder
Can kids program computers? How does this program work? What can you do with it?
  Nicole's Work
Chronology of how Nicole and I learned how to program Logo. A good sampling of what you and your child might accomplish in a short period of time.
  Feature List
A list of features of the program.
  Program Documentation
There is a very good set of manuals that come with the package, more than you'll ever read!
  System Requirements
Available for both Mac and PC (see below for Win95/98), please check to see if it'll work on your system.
New SITE!! Kids Can Program
  NEW Programming Lessons for Children and Their Teachers
MicroWorlds Logo For Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP Available!
  The Adventures of Nicole and Don Learning Logo for Win95/98!
  Day 1, we open the box.
  Day 2, Nicole's on her own.
  Day 3, Nicole's impressions of Win95/98 Version.
  Day 4, Dad gets started.
  Day 5, Dad gets started, still.
  Day 6, A Hacker Is Born
  Day 7, Programming Procedures
My Make Believe Castle
  A Nice Kids In Control Program For Ages 3 to 6
Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults
  Lessons Table of Contents
Introduction - Why is it good to learn how computers work?
Lesson 1 - What Do the Parts Do
Lesson 2 - The DOS Operating System
Lesson 3 - Files, the Overview
Lesson 4 - Files, They Are Like LP Records
Lesson 5 - Organizing Files Is Like Organizing Refrigerators
Logo Lessonettes
  World's First Java Powered Logo Demonstration!
The Front Cover
  This is the best page to Bookmark.
Humour Page
  Clean fun, take a break