My Make Believe Castle
A Brand New Program
For Ages 4 to 7

"Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Nicky who didn't know what to do. He searched through his toy box looking for just the right toy to play with. What did he find? He found a prince, a princess, a witch, knights, and other magical creatures. When he put on his toy crown, he began to imagine himself in a castle, exploring, flying, jumping, climbing, and having new adventures with his friends Tara and Todd..."

My little Michelle, age 4, is thrilled with this program from LCSI, the makers of MicroWorlds Logo! One thing that I have learned as I watch my daughters play computer activities, is that they identify with the little characters on the screen. They join in with them. This was a major problem a few years ago when most games consisted of maneuvering as long as you could before getting blown to bits by some alien character! Even now, Michelle will not play some games I have purchased, because some parts are too scary. Fortunately, My Make Believe Castle is fun, creative and non threatening. It is also a thinking game, your child learns to use tools to solve problems. If you would like to read about an experience Michelle had with the program, please follow this link.

What Does It Do?

It consists of several little "friends", including Nicky the Dragon, that walk around the Castle in ways which a little person can control. There are devices, like a banana peel, that can be put in their path and cause different, fun actions. There are different scenes to explore and activities to do.

Something Unique

One feature that I have not seen in other programs, is mood control. Two of the control icons change the mood of the little character. One makes it happy and one makes it angry.

And At A More Complex Level

As all of us know, any computer activity, with the exception of programming, becomes stale after a while. In an effort to prolong the usefulness of My Make Believe Castle, the authors have included an Interactions Editor. Using the Interactions Editor, children decide which action a castle friend will do when it meets another, giving these characters personality traits or moods.


System Requirements, Price and Ordering