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This is the logo screen.


This is the program dialog box


Instructions Suggestion: Print out this page so you won't have to scroll.

Lesson 1

  1. In the 'Name' box, type t1, which is the name of this turtle.
  2. Now we'll make the turtle move. Click in the Instructions box.
  3. type fd 5 and make sure the 'Once' is selected.
  4. watch the turtle and click on 'Start'
  5. Each time you click on 'Start', the turtle should jump ahead!
  6. Now, select 'Many Times' and click on 'Start'
  7. You have just programmed the turtle to move forward (fd) 5, over and over again.
  8. Congratulate yourself, You Are A Programmer!
  9. Now press 'Stop'.
  10. Now, click in the 'Instructions' box and move to just after the 5.
  11. Add a space then type rt 45, it should now read fd 5 rt 45 and 'Many Times' is still selected.
  12. Press on 'Start'
  13. Neat eh? If you make a mistake or type a command that the turtle doesn't understand, it won't work. In the real Project Builder you get a proper error message.

Lesson 2 - Animation

  1. Press 'Stop' and then 'Cancel' to start fresh
  2. Select the 'Many Times' button. type fd 5 setsh horse1 fd 5 setsh horse2 and wait, the first time you try this, it must load some pictures over the Net.
  3. You should see a horse running across the screen!
  4. You can add in the other commands and experiment around. (List of other commands shown below).

Well I hope you enjoy this new feature of my site. I will improve on it as time permits (I do have customers who want their Web-Sites developed too!). Please come back often.

Please Send me an e-mail to let me know if it worked ok on your system! dsleeth@magmacom.com

Don't forget - you can log off of the Internet, and as long as you leave Netscape running, you can play with this little bit of Logo!

Commands recognized so far:

© Don Sleeth 1996
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