Day 1

MicroWorlds Version 2.0 for Windows 95
Today we opened the box of our brand new MicroWorlds for Windows 95. It contained:
  • a very nice "Starting Up" booklet with lots of cartoon like pictures to get you going
  • a package of documentation called the "Multimedia Weather Module"
  • another package of documentation called the "Living World Plants Module"
  • and a CD (I think the Mac version is on diskette)

The Starting Up booklet covers a lot of ground, I think it will be a great reference. Some of the things it shows are:

  • Creating a text box and writing in it.
  • How to record a sound with a microphone
  • Creating a button to run a Logo command
  • Playing one of the included video clips write in your project.
  • Composing a melody with the built-in piano keyboard
  • Creating a slider to vary numbers
  • Recording music from one of your audio CDs
  • How to use the editing tools, the drawing center and many, many more features.

This is a great way to get off to a flying start with the program!

I opened the Weather Module package. I looked at a few pages of the manual and found that it will probably teach logo by teaching something else, more precisely weather or maybe tornados.

I installed the program on Nicole's (age 10) computer which is a Pentium 133 with the standard accessories of CD-ROM, Sound Blaster, etc. The installation went very smoothly and I accepted the default 'typical' install, but chose my own directory to put it in.

Nicole immediately started playing with it, making some little people and, I think by right clicking on them, programmed them to fd 400. She ran into problems trying to get some buttons she had put on the screen to control the 'turtle' she expected. The buttons seemed to be hooked to the wrong turtle. I had to urge her to check the on-line help several times before she actually did. However she didn't find the answer in the first 10 seconds so went back to playing around on the screen.

She then started making an outdoor scene with trees, tornadoes and people using the stamps provided.

All this in just 25 minutes before school! She seemed to be quite impressed and she certainly had a good time.

Stay tuned - more to come as we find the time!