Day 2

MicroWorlds Version 2.0 for Windows 95
As luck would have it, the same day I started this MicroWorlds project I received a contract to set up a "Virtual Conference" on the Internet for politicians and scientists involved in "Trade in the Americas". Needless to say I got busy with it right away and left Nicole on her own.

When I entered the kitchen for supper (which is where the childrens computer is), there was rock music playing from the computer, Nicole holding a microphone near the speaker, MicroWorlds on the screen, and all sorts of little people and animals and birds and insects moving around the screen, and an ear to ear smile on Nicole's face.

I was told to be quiet and wait a second. In a minute, Nicole demonstrated her creation. She had built a wildly active outdoor scene. Each oblect was programmed to move in its own way, wings flapping or legs moving. There was good rock music playing in the background.

"Where did you get the music? How did you do that?" I exclaimed. Nicole explained how she had surfed to one of her favorite Web sites where they have good music playing and then started up MicroWorlds and started a 'recording session', a cool feature of MicroWorlds, and had recorded the music into her MicroWorlds program. Now when she started the program, she would get the music.

This creative thinking made Daddy pretty happy! Nothing makes a parent feel better than providing the tools that enable a child to create something to be proud of.