Day 4 - Dad Gets Started

MicroWorlds Version 2.0 for Windows 95
Today I rolled up my sleeves and got started with MicroWorlds. I have not used Logo for quite some time and as I want to give you, the browsers of the world, a first-hand account of what is in this program, I am starting from scratch. I do feel that as a parent, if I can learn some of it then I can guide Nicole and Michelle in their Logo activities.

First I had to install it on my NT 4.0. This went smoothly, however I had to install speakers and sound as well, and as everyone knows, that is always a hassle. Anyway, I am now up and running and writing this page as I go.

I put the manual in a three ring binder and started where I always like to start, namely at the beginning. This turned out to be a mistake. Remember, MicroWorlds is an educational product and because of this the first part of the manual is the "Teacher's Resource". This section is meant to be read after you are familiar with the program and Logo. Don't start here!.

After puzzling through a few pages, I realized this was not written at my level, and leafed through the entire manual looking for the REAL part, which I found, called MicroWorlds Multimedia Weather Report. This is the section directed at kids and other people to actually teach you how to use it! And it takes a refreshing approach of loading a partially completed project from disk and completing it.

Here are two screen shots of the projects you load, please note that they look very good normally, but I have shrunk them down to make them more "Web friendly".

  1. Map1 (about 20K)
  2. Map4

That's all I have time for today.