Day 5 - Dad Struggles a Bit

MicroWorlds Version 2.0 for Windows 95
In Day 4 I got started on one of the two sample projects included in the package, namely the Multimedia Weather report. I just can't seem to get interested in doing that project, I have started a few times, or at least thought about it and I have to admit it just plain does not interest me!

The "Getting Started" booklet is a great way for, well, getting started. After leafing through the documentation I realized that the really detailed stuff was in the very snazzy help files. They really are well done and when you look up one word, they have several other words 'hyperlinked' so you can jump to them.

The only problem with help files is that you have to be at the computer and as soon as you get started at Logo, the kids come along and want to play. So, what are you going to do? Say "No, you can't learn this educational stuff because I want to read the Help files. Go watch 'Saved by the Bell'". I don't think so.

Finally I think I came upon The Solution. I printed out ALL of the help screens. At first it seemed like a huge task but then I discovered a trick! (Actually maybe everyone else already knew this, but it definitely was a discovery for me). If you go to the MicroWorlds Help screen, shown below, and select one of the "Books", just select it, don't open it by double clicking on it, and then click on "Print" at the bottom of the dialog box, Windows will printout every page in that Help File Book!

If you have one of those color printers, the results are fantastic! You will need a lot of paper, but I printed out every page of every book and plan to 3-hole punch them and put them in the binder with the sample projects. Now I think I have all the available information in hard copy and can then take my own learning path.

So on with the job. When MicroWorlds first starts, it has one turtle in the middle of the screen and the "Command Center" is selected (as opposed to the "Shape" or "Drawing Center"). I was so dumb at first that I didn't realize you could type in the Command Center, because if you don't click there, the cursor, or "Insertion Point" as it is more properly called, doesn't blink at all, at least until you click.

If you are following this page as instructional (poor you!), click in the gray part at the bottom of the screen. Then type pd fd 200 rt 90 fd 300 and press Enter. Bingo! We have Logo action!

This is REAL programming.

  • pd - Pen Down
  • fd - Forward number
  • rt - Turn Right number
Finally I have done a little bit of logo programming. Feels Good! But that is it for now.