The Obstacle Path

Please excuse the plain format of this page, I am just excited about what I saw and want to put it up for all to see as soon as possible. I will fix it up later.

We have the childrens computer in the kitchen, and today while I was enjoying my after lunch coffee, Michelle went and started My Make Believe Castle. She had been playing for a while when she got my attention by exclaiming "Oh look, we have to do ..." and I forget the rest. On the screen, a picture of which I will be posting to this site soon, I saw a 'dirt' path weaving back and forth with several obstacles on it. The obstacles were a couple of ponds, a fallen tree, an upright tree and a couple of others.

I asked her to wait so I could come and take a look, however she was having too much fun to wait! She immediately grabbed certain objects from the tool bar, such as a banana peel so they could 'slip' around the tree, a spring device so they could bounce over the fallen tree, running shoes so they could run quickly over the quick sand and something else which enabled the character to swim through the ponds! Then she got her favorite character, the princess, and she, with the help of these objects, maneuvered from the start to the finish of the path. I was very impressed, both at the programs depth and Michelle's abilities to solve the problem!

I asked her how she had gotten to that screen, as I had never seen it before. I had to wait until all her characters had successfully completed the path before she would show me. When she did show me, I don't think I could ever get to that screen myself, as it requires a complete 'logical' series of events to occur before the program goes there. The unique thing about this program is that the child learns how to plan those steps, they are in the childs control!

I will try to get some pictures of this up soon, so if you are interested, come on back!

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