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MicroWorlds Version 2.0 for Windows 95
What is it? LCSI has released a new version of MicroWorlds written specifically for the Windows95 32 bit operating system. Several months ago they released a Version 2.0 for the Mac. The new versions make computer programming more attractive and fun for children and young people by easing the development of graphically rich programs.

If you are a parent who encourages your child to be creative and encourages computer usage in those creative activities, you will be very interested in the MicroWorlds product line. If you, like me, have spent a lot of money on 'edutainment' programs, some poor, some that seemed good to you, but had little appeal to your child, and some of them very good, then you will find MicroWorlds to be a treasure. MicroWorlds is not sold as an 'edutainment' program, but is actually sold as an 'educational' product and primarily to the educational market.

Who am I? I am a parent of two young girls, 4 and 10, in Ottawa, Canada. I do Internet and Intranet development contracts. Sometimes I have more work than I can handle and sometimes I don't. In those times, I try to add something to this Web site. So you will see sporatic changes to this Web site.
And Where From Here? Nicole, 10, started using MicroWorlds Version 1.0 about a year and a half ago. Lately she had not used it much as its' look and feel was outdated once we changed to Windows95. Now that this new version is available, she is enjoying it once again. I will try to document, as time permits, just what she does with it. Based on that information, you may decide that MicroWorlds would be a worthwhile purchase for your child. I am permitted by LCSI to sell their products over the Internet and have a price list and order form on the Web site.
Day 1 - We Open the Box The first day of Nicole and Dad checking out MicroWorlds Version 2.0
Day 2 - We Have Action After a great start, Dad fizzles.
Day 3 - Written by Nicole Nicole's impression of the Win95 version.
Day 4 - Dad Gets Started Figuring out the documentation
Day 4 - Dad Gets Started, still Figures out the documentation